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Got into NAS VA extension course!!!

So excited! Whole 4 days to do nothing but paint, and paint, and paint, and... paint! That is just pure bliss. *Sigh But have no idea if my works are actually that good compared to some of those realluy artistic people. I nmean, there are people like Millie, who have no clue about art theory and then turn out with the most brilliant creative projects... But excited nevertheless.

On a not so happy point, exams didn't come out brilliantly at all. But I suppose the 15 units is quite a heavy load to carry with you. Trying to get over it for the time being while trying to improve dramatically on maths. Seriously, that last hing was worth 30%! And I f*cked it up. Suppose it's not the end of the world. And Ms. Gavel said that 90% of 4u student actually use it in their usi calculation. Which means chances are its going to be scaled to what I'd get for my best subjects.

On a different note again, I'm thinking of dropping geography just so that I don't have to do my SGP. have not started yet and it's due it about 2 months. 'Worried' is flashing in my head. And maths. of course. It's pretty hard. And i'm just not convincced about the standard of maths at my school in general. Does coming 3rd mean getting below average in the state or quite well? Besides, I'm surely up against some of the geniuses at Ruse or some other azn maths nerd.

Oh, and Ms. Mitchell was quite annoyed with the art class arrangements. But hopefully the NAS course would help heaps. People have said itwas really helpful and they learnt so much. On top of that, they got to meet really interesting people with similar artistic interests. I can not wait.

All of the above kind of means that I shouldn't even be on LJ. lol.

And what should I do for the major work this time? It's wrth 30% again... Revelations and Transformation... Trying my absolute best to steer away from any teen angst tho. And I'm obsessed w/ culture. Every single work that I've done has either been on my cultures, or is an appropriation. The imaginaton is suffering serious drought here!

Na ja. Ich soll auch meine deutsch emails schreiben. noch ok. Nicht so schlechte Noten und so weiter.

Just like so many people keep telling me, just move on. Deal with each day as it comes and do the best you can. Just know that when you get to the end of it all, you can say to yourself, I've done all that i could have done.
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